Travertine Floor Remodeling Strategies

Travertine continues to gain an amazing foothold in new home construction and in remodeling projects. Strategies for homeowners and business alike in travertine floor maintenance in Dallas and Plano, TX continue to be filled with myths. The myths range in variety from using caustic cleaners to using sealers not intended for travertine. The misinformation and lack of education on the care of travertine tile floors often results in expensive travertine restoration procedures.

What Is Travertine And Other Common Questions

A reliable source for many answers can be located by clicking here. When your contractor has ensured you have a quality installation, it is crucial you make sure that the travertine tile floor is cleaned and sealed. Heaven Sent Floor Care in Plano, TX cleans and seals travertine floors.  Keeping walkways, driveways and other points of entry free of debris, walk off mats in and outside each entrance and exit, will yield amazing benefits for the longevity of your travertine floors.


Restoration Guaranteed


We really take pride from the class of our craft and definitely in getting competent to tender our customers the advantages of our knowledge in this particular very specialized field of floor restoration subsequent with service that is second to none.

Our vital mission is founded upon the principle from the “education before any sale” and primarily of the many more things that definitely separates us from the competition. That defines that we really turn down to perform unnecessary services or promote unwarranted stuffs just to receive an additional dollars.